Driving Success: Nissan's Innovative Car Promotion hits Shopping Centres across Spain

Automotive brands popping up in shopping centres is an increasingly popular trend in recent years, and for good reason; the allure of car promotions within shopping centres stems from their ability to generate significant foot traffic, engage customers in a unique environment, and facilitate immersive brand experiences.

Nissan's recent collaboration with Fillit exemplified the power of a well-executed car promotion. With a focus on showcasing their new E-Power hybrid technology, Nissan strategically placed vehicles throughout a number of high footfall shopping centres across Spain, including Saler in Valencia, Larios in Málaga, Artea in Bilbao, Arenas in Barcelona, and Marineda City in A Coruña.

Nissan strategically positioned their cars in key locations, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility for shoppers.

Recognizing the importance of firsthand experience, the brand facilitated test drives, giving customers the chance to feel the power and efficiency of their E-Power hybrid technology for themselves. 

The brand also used this opportunity to introduce EVA: their new virtual assistant who could answer any question or query a customer could have. This innovative use of technology showcased Nissan's commitment to customer satisfaction, enhanced their brand image, and made the promotion memorable in the minds of their consumers. 

This switch up in location offers numerous benefits that extend far beyond traditional showrooms. 

Traditional dealerships often face challenges in attracting customers due to their remote locations or a perception of high-pressure sales environments. However, shopping centres offer a vibrant and accessible setting where potential buyers can interact with vehicles in a relaxed and convenient manner.

By strategically placing cars in high-traffic areas such as central squares, entrances, parking lots, and outdoor spaces, automotive brands enhance their visibility and pique the curiosity of shoppers. Furthermore, offering convenient test drive opportunities within the shopping centre eliminates the need for separate visits to dealerships, streamlining the purchasing process.

Shopping centres also attract a diverse range of demographics, providing automotive brands with the opportunity to reach a wider audience who may not have otherwise considered visiting a traditional dealership.

Nissan's car promotion across Spain demonstrated the effectiveness of leveraging shopping environments to engage customers and showcase their latest automotive innovations. By strategically placing vehicles, offering test drives, and engaging the shopper with the introduction of new technologies, Nissan captivated the attention of shoppers, generated interest in their E-Power hybrid technology, and elevated the customer experience.

Car promotions in shopping centres continue to be a compelling business move for automotive brands, offering a unique platform to interact with potential buyers and foster lasting brand connections. Looking to enquire about your own car promotion in one of Fillit’s busy shopping centre spaces? Get in touch with us.

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