How to Promote Your Pop-Up

When planning a pop-up shop, it’s crucial to invest in a solid marketing strategy to promote the event and attract shoppers. From defining a strong social media strategy to dabbling in more traditional marketing forms, here’s our best practices for getting the word out about your next pop-up.

Consider your audience

Defining exactly who you want to attract allows you to narrow down the platforms and publications you will advertise on. 

Who do you want to reach? What social media platforms are they using? Who do they follow? What publications do they read? Make a list of where your target audience will be, and then make a plan of the types of content you will create to engage with them. 

Utilise the power of social media

Social media is a no brainer; it’s cost-effective, straightforward and a powerful way of getting your message out there.

Creating a Facebook Event page is a great way to share the details of your pop-up shop, and gauge interest online. If your pop-up is in a specific shopping centre, why not get in touch with the centre’s social media manager, and ask them to share it too? They will have an extended reach of local shoppers who may also be interested in what you have to offer.

Social media also has the option to run paid advertising, which can be an excellent and cost effective way of reaching highly targeted customers. Facebook & Instagram will allow you to target users within a certain radius of your pop-up, as well as many other targeting options to allow you to hone in on a highly relevant audience for a reasonable price. 

Email marketing

In addition to social media, email marketing can work well in promoting your pop-up, particularly if you already have a solid subscriber base. To add value to your email, consider providing your subscribers with a special offer or discount that they can use at your pop-up shop.

Don’t forget about traditional marketing

Getting your message far and wide means utilising all available marketing tactics, including more traditional forms. Look into things like community newsletters or notice boards, and see if you can advertise your store there. 

On the day

Marketing your pop-up doesn’t stop when you open the doors to the public. In-fact, on-the-day marketing can be even more valuable than pre-event, as you have the opportunity to get in front of customers who are already shopping in the area. 

For many shoppers, their visit to your store is a spontaneous one, so taking the time to hand out printed flyers around the vicinity of your store can be extremely effective. Pull up banners and signs around the area can also work really well. 

You don’t need a huge budget or a million followers to have a successful pop-up store. What’s important is that you focus your time and efforts in the right areas. Get the balance right between pre-event and on-the-day marketing and you’ll be sure to bring in a crowd. 

Fillit Software 2022
Get started now, let's find the right space for you.
Fillit Software 2022
Get started now, let's find the right space for you.
Fillit Software 2022
Get started now, let's find the right space for you.