The Foolproof Formula for a Successful Christmas Activation

Aside from being the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is also the number one shopping holiday, with December being the single most important trading month for the sector.

Pop-ups and in-store activations are an ideal opportunity to connect with new customers during this busy period. However, to maximise the success of any festive activation, planning is essential. 

From the importance of location, what to offer in your space and how to measure success afterward, we’ve come up with a concise checklist to ensure your promotion, activation or pop-up goes down a treat with customers this Christmas. 

Set Clear Goals

What exactly do you want to achieve from this activation? Exposure of your brand?  An increase in sales? Do you have a specific goal of how many shoppers you want to engage with your brand? 

Setting goals allows your team to remain focused and aligned as you work towards these goals throughout the duration of your activation. 

Location is Key

Arguably the most important factor to consider when planning a pop-up shop or promotion is the location. Ideally, you should be aiming for a location with high footfall. Typically these type of spaces would be within, or nearby shopping centres, or on a busy shopping street.


Ensuring that your pace is inviting to shoppers is always an important factor, but during the festive months, this becomes even more important. Shoppers want to feel that Christmas spirit the second they walk into your space. Christmas decor, Christmas music, and cheerful, festive staff are essential, and all contribute to a positive atmosphere that will attract more shoppers into your space.


If you plan on selling products in your space, the general rule is to focus on products that are easy to afford, and would excite the impulse buyer. Promotions and special offers such as buy one get one free will also further tempt customers to spend. Two Christmas presents sorted for the price of one? Happy days!


If you want to maximise the potential of your activation and reach as many people as possible, it is worth spending some time investing in marketing strategies to reach people online who may be interested in your activation. It’s also a good idea to consider how you will use social media to promote your space. Creating both organic and paid content for your social channels will ensure you reach additional people who wouldn’t otherwise be aware of the event.


When all the festivities are over and done with, and you’ve closed your doors till’ next year, it is vital to look back and evaluate the success of your activation. 

How many customers engaged with your brand? Did sales meet expectations? What were the most popular features/products? What have you learned? 

These questions aim to identify moments of both strength and weakness throughout the activation. This information can then be used to improve going forward, ensuring even more success for next year’s Christmas campaign.

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Get started now, let's find the right space for you.
Fillit Software 2022
Get started now, let's find the right space for you.
Fillit Software 2022
Get started now, let's find the right space for you.