The Resurgence of Local Retail: Supporting Small Businesses

In an era dominated by e-commerce giants and global brands, the heartbeat of communities often lies in the charm and authenticity of local retail. Small businesses not only contribute to the economic landscape but also infuse neighbourhoods with character and vitality. At Fillit, we recognise the pivotal role of small businesses and are committed to supporting their growth and success. As we celebrate the resurgence of local retail, we also wanted to hear directly from small business owners about their experiences, and how others can join in supporting their ventures.

Fostering Community Connections

Small businesses are more than just places to shop – they are community hubs where relationships are forged, and memories are made. By supporting local retailers, consumers are investing in the social fabric of their neighbourhoods. Whether it's chatting with the shop owner, attending local events, or participating in neighbourhood initiatives, shopping locally fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

“Shopping with a small, local business is a whole other experience. You get to meet the person behind the brand and connect one to one. A small business owner will most likely go above and beyond to make sure that your shopping experience is a pleasant one because each sale means so much to them and as such customers relationships and connections are such a huge part and indeed one of the nicest parts of running and shopping with a small business.” - Amy Orr - Managing Director,

Celebrating Diversity and Creativity

One of the greatest strengths of local retail is its diversity and creativity. Small businesses bring a personal touch and a unique perspective to the retail landscape. Whether it's handcrafted goods, artisanal foods, or niche services, these businesses add vibrancy and authenticity to communities. By supporting small businesses, consumers not only gain access to one-of-a-kind products but also contribute to the preservation of local culture and heritage.

“We sell a lot of products that are directly related to our community. Art and design give people ideas and are good for creativity in communities. We were the first to start in our community and now we have lots of different design shops and trendy cafes close by.” - John Haybyrne - Founder, Jam Art Factory

How can I support?

As a community-driven platform, Fillit encourages collaboration and solidarity among entrepreneurs, consumers, and local stakeholders. By banding together to support small businesses, we can create a thriving ecosystem where everyone benefits.

Shop Local: Whenever possible, choose to patronise local businesses instead of large chains or online retailers.
Spread the Word: Share your favourite small businesses with friends and family, both in person and on social media.
Attend Events: Participate in local markets, fairs, and community events to discover new small businesses and show your support.
Leave Reviews: Positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations can significantly impact a small business's reputation and success.
Engage with Businesses: Get to know the owners and employees of your favorite small businesses. Building relationships fosters a sense of community and loyalty.

“As a small local business, it’s almost impossible to keep up in terms of price with larger retailers, however I do believe that even though you may spend a little bit more, you are choosing to invest in your community, and this is money well spent.
The consumer market is so saturated these days and it’s really difficult to become established without a huge marketing budget. I think that word of mouth advertising is still the most powerful.”
- Sean Layton - Owner, Ivy's Attic Jewellery

At Fillit, we empower small businesses by providing a platform to access prime retail spaces in high-traffic areas such as shopping centres. Our booking platform enables entrepreneurs to showcase their brands, products, and services directly to their target audience. By broadening access to retail spaces, we level the playing field and create opportunities for small businesses to thrive alongside larger retailers.

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Get started now, let's find the right space for you.
Fillit Software 2022
Get started now, let's find the right space for you.
Fillit Software 2022
Get started now, let's find the right space for you.